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Crash Test Dummies or Coaching the Un-coachable

I’m often asked whether I have ever found a person who is ‘uncoachable’ or ‘how do you manage those people who are just uncoachable?’ It’s a really good question and I have two strong thoughts on this. Firstly, I don’t believe that people are uncoachable!  They may be unwilling to be coached and I think there is […]

Hutchinson Port Australia – What were they thinking?

I read the news of the Hutchinson Port Australia’s sacking of 97 workers via text message and email with dismay. What were they thinking? It’s a question that I think many of ask would have asked over the last few days. The Sydney Morning Herald also reported the Employment Minister Eric Abetz’s response, that ‘he […]

When things don’t go to plan

The Olympic Games have caused more than a bleary eye in the workplace and for many of us it is an opportunity to watch sports we don’t normally get to see, to see champions rise to the challenge, witness a ‘come from behind’ win and cheer on the best athletes from all around the world. […]

Returning to Base Camp

I recently heard a story about the journey of climbing Mount Everest. As this story was told to me, it takes a massive effort to reach the first milestone that climbers call “base camp”. From here they will attempt the next level. In most cases they attempt this next level a number of times, before […]

Time to face the Baby Boomer crisis

It’s one of the biggest and well-documented issues facing Australian organisations today – the pending retirement of the baby boomers from the workforce. I have spoken to a number of clients and it’s estimated that up to 40 per cent of the workforce will enter into the retirement zone in the next five years. This […]

How I discovered Story Coaching

I attended the ICF Global Conference in Las Vegas in September 2011 and was looking to attend sessions that would stretch my coaching skills and to explore areas of coaching that I had not previously had exposure to – the topic on story coaching caught my eye! But as all good stories go, a marvelous […]

Coaching culture in Australia… let’s get blogging!

Here we are! An exciting new blog world! We are going to celebrate coaching in Australia and around the world together! Let’s get going! Australia has been slower to pick up coaching as a methodology for change and transformation than our European and US counterparts. About ten years ago coaching in Australia was limited to […]