Targetting QUestions to Different Personalities

In this coach cafe we explore how to use what we know about peoples behavioural and personality preference, to adapt our coaching approach.

‘How to coach different personalities’ is a common goal set in our coaching programs by participants and it’s a common struggle in the workplace – to adapt your style to meet the varied different needs and styles of members of your team. For a starter, you have to work out ‘What is the style or preference of the team member?’ and then ‘How can I frame this question so that it is more appealing or makes more sense to the team member?’ and then deliver the question.

‘It’s too much to think about’ declared one participant. ‘And I’ve got too many team members. Why can’t they just adapt to my style?’ It’s a good question! But as a coach, it’s not enough to just coach using our own preference. In this Coaching Café we will look at the application what we know about behavioural preferences to coaching.