Coaching culture in Australia… let’s get blogging!

Here we are! An exciting new blog world! We are going to celebrate coaching in Australia and around the world together! Let’s get going!

Australia has been slower to pick up coaching as a methodology for change and transformation than our European and US counterparts. About ten years ago coaching in Australia was limited to the top executives of companies and the practice of life coaching had started to emerge. Over the past ten years, however, coaching has grown to become a widely accepted part of executive and leadership development, and it has permeated through a number of companies in various forms, including two-day programs and other programs that introduce coaching to front-line managers.

There is a group of leaders in Australia who are inspiring and transforming their organisations using coaching methodology, and this book tells of their journey to implement coaching into their organisations and to create a culture where coaching is normal, accepted and the preferred way of having conversations.

That word ‘preferred’ is a really important one! When it is a person’s preference to use coaching skills, to ask questions rather than giving solutions, to hold back and listen, and to prefer to coach and grow people rather than simply making them do what you want – that’s when you have a coaching culture in place.

All over the world, leaders are transforming their organisations by introducing coaching skills and a culture of coaching. My new book Bring Out Their Best – Inspiring a Coaching Culture in the Workplace is a celebration of this movement, particularly in Australia. So in this blog I want to share the real-life Australian case studies as told by these leaders and I congratulate them and acknowledge you, the reader, for embracing the journey! You can find out more about the book at

Let’s get going! Share your great coaching culture stories today!