Asking better questions in Performance Management Conversations: How to shift underperformance – Part One


Lots of our clients tell us they are struggling to get people to shift into being high performers through coaching. This often comes up when thinking about performance management. It’s all very well talking about coaching people to high performance, but what about those people who:

  • Just don’t care!
  • Are only here for the pay!
  • Say “I don’t know” when you ask them what their goals are!
  • Say they will deliver, but don’t!
  • You’ve tried everything with?!


In this 3-part series, we’ll take a look at a range of coaching strategies and approaches to help you shift underperformance, support performance management, and get the most from your team.

Part one in the series includes:

  1. Shifting our mind-set away from under performance
  2. Understanding what’s behind the under performance
  3. Strategies to re-start the performance conversation and promote responsibility and accountability including reframing and coaching above the line.