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Targetting QUestions to Different Personalities

Targetting Questions to Different Personalities

In this coach cafe we explore how to use what we know about peoples behavioural and personality preference, to adapt our coaching approach.‘How to coach different personalities’ is a common goal set in our coaching programs by participants…

Coaching through the eyes of the assessor

When you’ve listened to hundreds of coaching recordings and completed thousands of coaching assessments, there are a few lessons that stand out.In this Coaching Café, you have the unique opportunity to learn from one of the most…
consistency not perfection business coaching

Consistency, Not Perfection - The Key To Results

‘Nothing that I’ve ever achieved has come without consistent application until I achieve the result.’It was a powerful statement that I made recently that really caused me to stop and reflect. Upon reflection I discovered that…
mental health first aid for coaches

Why is it important that coaches understand Mental Health First Aid?

Why is it important that coaches understand Mental Health First Aid?  At first, I didn’t really understand why it is important that coaches undertake Mental Health First Aid (MHFA).  Or really what was meant when people talk about…

Asking better questions in Performance Management Conversations: How to shift underperformance - Part Three

Lots of our clients tell us they are struggling to get people to shift into being high performers through coaching. This often comes up when thinking about performance management. It's all very well talking about coaching people to high performance,…