Bad Questions – what makes a question ineffective

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Bad Questions – what’s the difference between ineffective questioning, and effective questioning?

Check out this webinar recording from one of our regular Coaching Cafe Sessions. In this webinar, we looking at ineffective questioning.

In the ICF Core Competency, Powerful Questioning, what distinguishes ACC level from PCC and MCC and effective questioning from ineffective questioning?

This webinar explores the distinctions. It gives you an opportunity to consider the ICF Core Competency Table to target your own development.

This webinar focuses on ineffective questions and what happens to the client under these circumstances. In addition, Natalie shares 16 types of questions that will break rapport. We therefore look at questions that create defensiveness. Similarly, we examine questions that generally shut a coachee down if used in the wrong way.

Also, Natalie shares her all-time ‘favourite bad questions’ asked during coaching workshops. For example ‘What do you do when you know your team has no strengths at all?’.   After looking at the bad questions, we explore how to turn them around to be more positive and effective.

Making sure each question we ask is as effective as it can be, is crucial to the success of our coaching. Therefore, raising awareness around the questions that we are asking helps us to make sure our questions are hitting the mark with our clients.If you’d like email reminders about our webinars, click here.