Special announcement – Strengthscope in Australia

Open Door signs exclusive agreement to distribute strengths based
products and accredit coaches as Strengthscope Practitioners

Open Door is very pleased to announce our new agreement with Strengths Partnership in the UK to be the exclusive distributor of the Strengthscope profiles and other strengths-based products in Australia.

Many of you will be aware that Open Door has been taking a strengths-based approach to coaching for many years and have incorporated this philosophy into our coaching programs and workshops.

The Strengthscope profile features in the coaching we do to assist leaders and managers to create high performing teams; provide positive 360-degree feedback and manage change and conflict in the workplace. It also features in our Certificate IV in Workplace and Business Coaching (10535NAT) nationally accredited program.

Why are Strengths so important?

Research suggests that a strengths-based approach to performance conversations can create an up-lift in performance of 36.5%, as opposed to a 26% decrease in performance (by the way we think this figure is higher) that is caused by a conversation that is focused on weaknesses.

What this means is that managers and leaders that are focused on shifting, lifting, raising and building performance along with a mindset of continuous improvement in performance conversations will experience a significantly higher level of engagement, innovation, and overall satisfaction from their team. And at Open Door we have been consistently seeing this uplift in performance in clients who we coach directly and their teams.

What this new agreement means

Open Door’s new agreement with the Strengths Partnership means we now have the flexibility to accredit clients to become Accredited Strengths Practitioners and those practitioners can purchase products directly from Open Door.

Becoming an accredited Practitioner enables you to use the strengthscope profiles and the range of other leadership and team products in your workplace to:

Create behavioural awareness in individuals and to provide positive 360 degree feedback;
Debrief the profiles with individuals and teams to enable them to focus on their strengths in the workplace and leverage those strengths to lift performance;
Take a strengths based approach to growing job capability, engagement and satisfaction; and
Leverage the profiles for high performance in your workplace particularly in times of change.

Coaches can also introduce the products to their clients as part of their service offering and purchase these products directly from Open Door.

For more information about becoming an Accredited Strengthscope Practitioner, click here.

Learn more about strengths based leadership using Strengthscope

If you’re interested in learning more about strenghts based leadership, and how Strengthscope can help boost your team’s performance, we have a range of options for you.

You can click here to learn more about Strengthscope, including download a sample report and a short video that outlines the approach
You can click here to register for one of our upcoming Strengths workshops, in cities around Australia.
If you’re interested in becoming a Strengthscope Practitioner, you can click here for more information about our accreditation programs in Sydney and Melbourne.